New Ransomware Attacking Android Devices


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Montréal, Qc | July 14, 2017 – Discovered shortly, the Ransomware « LeakerLocker » specifically targets users of Android devices. Indeed, this Ransomware uses free applications matchmaker of the platform Google Play to carry its programming. These applications offer normal features hiding a mischievous utility.

Once the device is infected, the screen locks and threaten to send all personal information to all your contacts within 72 hours unless you pay a modest ransom.

We recommend not to pay those ransoms to not contribute to the proliferation of this malicious industry but rather to put in place adequate controls such as:

  • Preventive controls
  • Detection controls
  • Corrective controls
  • Collection controls
  • Governance necessary for the use of hardware

Contact us at the 514-288-6000 to schedule a meeting to assess your level of security, governance, planning your tools and controls that can be implemented to protect your values and your staff of these underhand attacks

At any time, for any request of Ransomware, call us! We will work with you to rectify the situation by:

  • Performing an incident for good response to locate the main cause
  • Trying to contain the spread
  • Addressing files and systems infected with existing controls
  • Evaluating and suggesting IT controls to help prevent against a new attack of your information systems

We invite you to visit our WannaCry landing page for more details on these new cybermethods.


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